Hide and seek, but why mum ?

Ruby the rhino, had given birth to a strong son, whom she named nohorn, as time passed nohorn was growing up to be a little nosy rhino. His mum, ruby always would talk about how curious her son was to the other animals, at their daily meet at the waterhole. One day as they where approaching the waterhole, nohorn was looking far ahead into the green land, and asked his mother

mum why are u always hiding me away from my friends?

ruby : oh son its a game called hide and seek, when ever i tell you to hide you must, and then I’ll seek you out.

nohorn : seek ? what is that mum

ruby : nohorn, to seek is when i will count the black stripes on the a zebra, and then come find you, but you must always be still and silent so that i cant find you, so that you will win that game.

nohorn: soo mum if you don’t find me then i win ?but mum what if you don’t ever find me ?

ruby : oh no no, nohorn that’s impossible, i shall always find you. but if you get lost just find Mrs Lowah the Queen lioness, and she will find me as quick as an eagle’s eye.

nohorn: but where will she be mmmmum ?

ruby : you will always find her close to the waterhole.

nohorn: okay mommumy

ruby: nohorn, don’t talk and eat at the same time.

nohorn; ohh mum mum stop scolding meeee.

so as the winter passed, spring sprung up with tall sunflowers amidst thick green grass that attracted all the  different animals, including a tall  funny looking animal, which had only two feet.

It was in the early in the morning when, ruby slowly work up nohorn, and told him to be silent so that he wont wake up the wise owl, who was above them in a tall tree. Ruby told nohorn, “come son lets play hide and seek”  excited to play the game, the little rhino went on to hide between the tall green grass, as his mother pretended to look for a zebra.

while nohorn was inside the tall grass  he heard a loud noise that sounded like a jumping elephant, that scared him and made him cry out for his mum. He walked out of the green grass trembling, calling “moom mum, mummmy where are you”, and then he saw the some of the tall two feet animals. Nohorn was getting scared and sad, he wanted his mummy so he was going to ask the tall two feet  one’s , if they had seen his mum, but as he walked closer and closer, he saw his mum sleeping on the sand, and one of the 2-feet animal was pulling his mum’s white crown. confused nohorn, was getting very scared so he slowed down, as he saw the two feet animals where going away and as soon as they were gone he ran towards his mother.

The horror in his little eye’s was too much for him to understand, he tugged and called his mum, running around her in circles pushing his head on her still body. Poor nohorn, started to tell his mum “mum im here wake up, stop seeking mooom moummm”, pushing her again, with his face saying “please wake up mummy”

Nohorn got tired, and went close to his mum, pushing him self as close to her as possible, slowly falling of to sleep close to his mum.

One of the saddest acts on earth is forceful separation of mother and child, however only when man(2-feet animal) feels this pain he causes on other forms of life will he think beyond money. Daily there are poor baby rhinos orphaned by pouches, whom murder the adult rhinoceroses for their horns.

The world is a joyful place, if you chose to close your eyes.

Peace is always the option.


Wisdom for Compassion

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times;

It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness;

It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity;

It was the season of light, it was the season of darkness;

It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair;

We had everything before us, we had nothing before us;

We were all going directly to heaven, we were all going the other way

                                                                                                                          Charles Dickens

Once my wise uncle, Albert, told me that there are three types of living beings in this world. The plant life, The animal life and human life. To survive the plants will take what’s needed from the environment however they can only depend on their surrounding environment. The animals will do the same, however animals will go in search of food and water if needed, and in a disappointing and sad tone he told me that Humans will stay in one environment, set up life, completely destroy the surrounding nature, he will take everything possible from the land till it is left barren and then move away and start this process.

That is exactly what we are doing, there is no balance, we have taken so much it’s really scary, but ignorance closes our eyes. We are also entitled to the gifts of earth, but how does one perceive them. Do we believe that because we are human that everything we desire is for us to take blindly?

The Elephants Tusks, the Rhinos Horns, the Cows Skin, the Rabbits Fur, the Bears Fur, the Sheep Wools,  the trophy heads of Lions, the Zebras Skin, the Snakes Skin, the Crocodiles Skin, the Tricked Fish, the Pigs, the Chickens, the Cows, the Sheep and anything man can get hold of.

What have we done to life? Every type animal (above and many more) has already suffered by humans, now its time for making them nonexistent. Of what uses is an Elephant to us or its Tusk ? if we need  tusks we would have been created with them. There is no need to cause any harm to any life. Taking the skin of  snakes and crocodiles and making it in shoes and handbags is not normal. Have we  lost every ounce of respect ?  will a snake attack you because it has nothing to do?

Leather, softer the texture younger the cow, and most of it comes from India. Is there any need for one to use leather? do we want to relax on misery and suffering? it is not allowed in India to kill or mistreat *Lord Krishna’s cows,

however there are a group of people who perform this task to satisfies the demand. The cows are sold by the locals who are told that they will be kept in farms, the cows are then made to walk  long distances without food or water. They are whipped to walk faster, if they fall their tail are pulled upwards in a fast jerking motion to make them get-up, and if they are tired and in pain, chilli powers is rubbed in their eyes. Ground dry chilies, some of us cannot even eat pungent food, and that poor cow is made to suffer by rubbing the ground chilies in their eyes, to make them walk faster towards even more suffering (earthlings). 

The wisdom for compassion has sadly been lost, but hope is everlasting.


peace is always the option.

*Lord Krishna an avatar of lord Vishnu on earth (roughly 3220 B.C-3102 B.C.)

*Earthling a movie on the mistreatment of animals around the world

Stand Strong

I stand strong for her Child
For her tears are worth more than Gold

I stand strong for Her
For her suffering is worth more than ME

I stand strong for her Child
For my suffering is watching her Suffer

I stand with Bricks
For I know we are the Foundation.

I stand with Water
For I know we can wash away this Darkness

I stand with you fist Strong
Stand with Me

For I am one and with You
We are Two

* Dedicated to all animals who suffer from the human infection.

The Beating Hearts

Oh Creator, Protector, Destroyer of Darkness

We pray to you to create the awareness
for they have lost their beating hearts

We beg of you to protect the hearts that beat
for they look to us in helplessness

We plead to you destroy the darkness
and show us the way.


“my fate is to work for man, for he needs money and has lost the feelings of a heart”

Iron Bars, Metal Chains ,Whips vs Tall Tress, Huge lakes, Freedom this is the line man has created for the world. Introducing iron bars and leg chains to animals that have no need for these items. Ripping them from their families to be caged and whipping them out of their culture.

Taking them out of their natural environment and make them perform for our amusement. Why would anyone want to see an 4,500 kilograms (9,900 lb) elephant stand on a ball or bend over and carry its body mass on his head ? Has our minds become so bland and structured that we chose not to admirer these animals in the wild but rather make them perform painful acts that we think look amazing. So what if animals can perform these acts?  They don’t want to but are forced and whipped in to performing. They don’t need to, but have to. Who’s money is a direct cause of animal abuse when you go animal shows ?

No one needs to the measure the intelligence of any animal by forcing them to perform acts, that has no value to them. Will an elephant show her calf how to stand on his head ? This is the sad truth of the world, today humans are becoming more inhuman and losing the ability to see naturalism.

Have you ever seen a happy person in jail ? There is no happiness behind bars especially if you have done no harm. “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.” Alice Walker

Welcome to the saddest show on Earth

Come one come all come see an adult Elephant stand on his head out of fear

come see the King of the jungle ride on a terrified Horse

come see a painted happy Monkey

come see a human whip dignity out of life


Entrance Fee : Cost of life.

That is the circus we take our families too enjoy. Try not to be a part of this sin, what is the use of showing your children animals out of their environment? can they learn anything from this type of shows?

Allow your children to learn the closeness of an elephant’s family (mother and calf) . The strong sense of family pride from the Lion. The gracefulness  from a galloping  horse and the playfulness of a monkey. Chinless, bar-less and unhurt.

Peace is always the option.

The Goat and the Priest a Story From the Buddha

Once upon a time, there was a little goat and a priest.

The priest wanted to sacrifice the goat to the gods. As he raised his arm to cut the goat’s throat, when suddenly the goat began to laugh.

The priest stopped, amazed and asked the goat, “why do you laugh? Don’t you know I’m about to cut your throat?”

“Oh yes,” said the goat. “After 499 times dying and being reborn as a goat, I will be reborn as a human being.”

Then the goat began to cry.

The priest asked “Why now are you crying?”

The goat replied, “For you, poor priest. 500 lives ago, I too was a priest and sacrificed goats to the gods.”

Mataka-Bhatta Jataka Pali Jataka No.18

The Deeper Meaning

Lord Buddha who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, taught his disciples that it not required for you to offer animal sacrifice to GOD, and that it is wrong and causes bad karma to perform such acts. Why is it wrong ? For the simple reason that one can not offer pain in the form of love.

We all say God is love right ? Then how can we cause pain to a harmless animal and then offer it to the creator as food “love offerings” rather offer service to less fortunate than causing harm to any living being.

Jesus Christ  was born among animals, where else would a more peaceful and fitting place be? To welcome God in the flesh,  Among peace and love! Would Jesus who is the son of God, who is love personified, perform acts that cause pain and sadness? Never, he preached love.

We say the lord is my Shepard, The Lord is my Savior,  do you think the lord does not see our careless unnecessary acts when it comes to violence towards harmless life? Would it make more sense that God had come to restore peace in this world and that we should follow his life as example ? Is his life not the message ? By all-means Yes!

Then how can we misunderstand his teachings of unconditional love. We cannot say we love all and then sever poor animals at dinner. When offering our families food we get happy that we are all together and say Thanks to the Provider, however my good people, who what we call food is fill of pain, confusion and sorrow.

“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.”
          Leonardo da Vinci, artist and scientist

In no way I wish to hurt any human feelings or practices, however I will talk for those who can’t. There is already so much of murder happening around the world, try not to be a part of this violence. Many people have questioned me about this blog, some even say I have no respect for my friends and their diet. If I had no respect and did not care, I would have never started this blog, but I care therefore I shall tell you and I have respect therefore I shall respect all life. If you have seen what I saw just by video, you will understand.

“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar” – Bradley Miller.

May we all live in peace.

May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy

The glories sun rises with all its spender and its divine rays reaches the lush green grass, on which beautiful animals enjoy the gifts of this land.

peace. peace. peace


Amazing right ? most of us would actually want this above life style and Yes this image is real animals do live like this, the one’s that get away, the ones that see humans enjoying God’s grandeur with them.

Unfortunately I have painted a rather peaceful scene, the harsh reality is that most farm animals or so they are called will never feel the grass on their feet, will never breathe fresh air, will never rest their bodies, will never graze,will never be free to live.

The glory of the animal kingdom is now controlled by humans, it has reach a level where MONEY is the KING and LIFE is the SERVANT, where love is dead and where humans become inhumane. This life style has become so sad that the people working in this environment are so far away from the truth that they have become soulless.

Once you have seen the workers, you cant help but feel sorry for them. They have to work in these conditions for the growing demand of this type of food, however suffering of an innocent holds more weight. Working-in conditions that involves burning the beaks of chicks for egg farming, burning the beaks of a baby chickens! can anything look more harmless and harmful at the same time ? They will then stand for rest of their life producing eggs (female menstrual cycle ), male chicks are killed.

The loss of compassion . The consistent hurt . The everlasting pain .

Imagine standing for the rest of your life  in a dark cell,never being able to turn around, it’s a jail for the innocent.  A jail for animals who can not defend themselves. This is the sad truth of the world, everyone wants peace and love, yet our diets are based on hatred and sadness. Can you measure sadness ? see the tears in the  eyes of a mother separated from her child. Hear the call for  mother from her child and measure the broken hearts.

How can we allows this to happen, most human parents would not even think of such a situation. This sadness will continue until we humans stop thinking about our developed taste-buds and start thinking with our hearts, it really isn’t that far-fetched. We have taken life and destroyed it with no window for hope.

Photo: The bobby calf...

However strong words may be pictures say a 1000 words.  The above picture is an example of human interaction for desired food.

Photo: “The question is not, Can they reason? nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?”~ Jeremy Bentham


“The smile on your face lets me know that you need me” (Ronan Keating), They never needed us, Now they need us more than ever. The time has come for those who care to speak up for them the one’s with their own language. There is one language we can all understand, the language of the heart.

May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy


The Foot Print of an Ant can be Heard

The universe was created by God who has no beginning or end, we are living proof from that divine energy  “The Creator” and in us is the knowledge from God, however as time progresses man as lost site of his True Nature.

We are the highest form of life on earth we are Human with knowledge from God, and we know from the remarkable progress of man the extent that the power of our minds can achieve, “Man was animals until divine  knowledge was placed in his mind” (Veda, Universe Creation).

click on this image to watch a video on the creation of the universe

If all creation is from God then are we not all the same in his eyes, can a mother love one child more that another ? They may have a favorite child that’s only because of some event that credited the child or simply on the character of the child. So if God sees all of us (all life) as his Children, Then how can we take it  upon our selves to cause pain to any living creature ? When we all know we have the highest thinking brain in the kingdom of life. “Don’t destroy what you can’t create” (Sai Baba).

Even the foot print of an ant can be heard.

This brings me to a small creature the ant, whom we all take for granted their life.  How many of us just ignore them ? or carelessly dust them off our items ? or simply just wash them away? most of us humans have, including me. Think about it why are their ants around your stuff, for the simple reason that we don’t keep tidy, then who suffers ? Yes they do Suffer, They do feel pain, They are living. These harmless ants  just go around doing their work, Performing their duty, and then what happens to them ?  Disrespected as if they are nothing. Not just ants but all living creatures that are smaller than us Humans, we seem to want to take control over their lives.  Lucky the age of dinosaurs has passed.

In Buddhism one of many kind practices is to “Respect all living creatures”, not even an earthworm is harmed when building in construction. I am not saying watch your every step or consistently think about what you are harming (ideal situation), but rather make the decision to not harm any living being that comes in contact with you. It’s really simple to do, once you understand the Pain any living being feels as a result of our actions you tend to start thinking not only about your self and see the world in a different way.

We all want Peace, it starts by being conscious in our action, we have to be the change we want to see in the world like Gandhi said. We should view each life as a valued soul that was not created by you then you will develop respect, Respect for all life.