Spreading the awareness for helpless animals is the foundation of this blog, however I never expected to get an award for it. It’s really cool to know that we are out there, all over the world trying out best to spread the love.

The Sunshine Award

Thank you Teju of Singing Sparrows, Accepted 😀 on behalf of our silent friends.

“bird of the same feather” …Teju

The silent friends say Thank you once again :D.

Super Sweet blogging Award

Ligo Circle of Appreciation

Thanks to my friendly singing sparrow friend, Teju  support from you is like sunshine on cloudy day.

The Ligo Circle of appreciation is little badge that depicts appreciation of writings. It entails the recipient  to  complete the sentence (1) and nominate (2) two awesome bloggers..

1. ‘A great blog is like words in a river drowning and surfacing whilst consistently being bashed against rocks, however reaching the calming pools of collected stories’.

2. Nominees



Compassionate Blog Award

Thank you singing sparrows


Inner Peace Award The Inner Peace Award

Many thanks to Summer

‘The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth.’ “…Grow your innerself


5 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Teju says:

    You truly deserve it Prega, can’t thank you enough for the kind of work you’re doing for all our animal friends out there. And like you rightly said, this was indeed on behalf of all our silent frineds, they’ve thanked you through this award! So glad that i stumbled upon you, stay connected & keep up this good work forever! You have a strong supporter in me 🙂

  2. Teju says:

    Hello dear Prega, you’ve just been awarded as ‘Super-Sweet’! 🙂 Don’t believe me? Then, follow this link and scroll to the bottom of that page:

  3. Teju says:

    Thank you dear Prega, for the nomination! 🙂

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