About Evaluation of Humans to a Kinder Diet

The Evaluation of Humans to a kinder diet is writings influenced by mistreatment  of animals. Some of us would have noticed the ever-evolving-world, or most of us would have just got caught up in our everyday life and base our existences on the surfaces and the not actual foundation.

With the ever-evolving-world so is the heart of humans, we have lost the connection with the natural world; making everything concrete, cold and sadly disturbing. However who feels the concrete ? the cold ? and who looks at us like we are disturbed ?  The  Animals that we now call food, the Animals that we force to perform for our amusement. These forms of life have never asked us for anything and we have taken everything from them. Removing every act of kindness and replacing it with unimaginable cruelty to them.

This blog is aimed for the regeneration of the Human heart. Evaluating our daily diet ( lifestyle) and how we can change to become more human. The simplest way is to change our eating culture. Everything that this blog is and will come to be is for the Animals.  They never needed us more than now.



2 thoughts on “About Evaluation of Humans to a Kinder Diet

  1. Teju says:

    hey Prega, here’s an award i’m sure you’d love the best~ ‘One Compassionate Blog’ at https://singingsparrows.wordpress.com/awards/.
    Congratulations friend & keep up the wonderful work! 🙂

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