Embodiments Of Love

There are five Basic human values that are Truth, Right-Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence. Each of which are desired by all human beings right or wrong ?.

This brings me to my point about meat-eating,I was born as a vegetarian due to my parent’s diet, unfortunately due to circumstances unknown that vegetarian diet was compromised and I ate meat for about 18 years.

After reading a book on the life on Sri Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011), I instantly changed my diet due to an event in the book that had taken place where chickens were hung by their feet on a stick that was placed on a man’s shoulder. These chickens have to endure unimaginable pain as they are sold alive as a source of desired food. From that day in 2005 between 4am and 6am meat-eating was a thing of the past for me.

The point I am getting at, is if no-one tells people about this then how much longer will it take for people to understand this unfortunate mistake (meat-eating). Especially for Hindu’s who know by their simple understandings of prayer that we abstain from meat during any religious festivals, this has sadly diminished.

All animals want to be loved and treated with respect, so then how can I watch this cruelty and not say anything about the millions of animals that suffer each day. The confusion in their hearts when they watch their fellow mates beheaded in front of them, the pain they feel when they are treated as Nothing, Their tears are valued the same as yours.

The truth is that if you know how your food is prepared then you are more comfortable when dining right ?. However one should not only know the recipe of how to prepare It, “eat and know the origin of the taste“, but how It was born, what is It’s life’s purpose, and the journey It takes to reach you. Should It reach you ?.

In conclusion i leave you with:
10 Points on Meat Eating
from the book titled ” Sacred Cow

  1. Meat eating is detrimental to achieving of the supreme Lord.
  2. Meat eating displeases the Supreme Lord.
  3. Meat eating is a grave sin.
  4. Meat eating causes distress in this life and in the next.
  5. Meat eating is against the nature of human beings.
  6. Meat eating causes one to achieve animal propensities.
  7. Meat eating is a human being’s illegal endeavor.
  8. Meat eating is grave cruelty
  9. Meat eating destroys one’s health
  10. Meat eating is condemned in the *Śāstra

In no way i wish to offend any reader.

Peace .

*It- I used the word “It” to describe an animal because some  Humans don’t have a pin drop of feeling towards animals.

*Śāstra – is a Sanskrit term used to denote rules in a general sense.


5 thoughts on “Embodiments Of Love

  1. treshika says:

    wow, profound my borther, PROFOUND, If only everyone saw the world as simple as you, this would be a much happier place to live in.

  2. Teju says:

    what great stuffs you have in here! this is one awesome blog!

  3. Teju says:

    Your blog truly deserves to be rewarded & i’m doing just that! An enlightening blog like yours is like a sunshine in the lives of ‘yet to be enlightened’ people.
    here’s your SUNSHINE award at


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